Vision for Art by Wurms


Martien Wurms describes himself as a style-less painter in the meaning that he doesn’t want to confine to one single style or topic.

I paint exactly and only what I feel like

Martien Wurms

Even though being style-less observers will notice that Martien’s patterns and brushstrokes seems to resurface in his different series. Martin Wurms’ inspiration is found in both the love and appreciation for the old artists - especially his fellow Dutch countrymen - but as much in newer contemporary art and artistic subcultures. In the Later years a growing source to inspiration for Martien has been trigged by macro social issues in the world around us whether it is political issues, social classes, plastics devastating effect on our oceans and others.

Martien’s stated vision is to express himself without others and own boundaries. Being able to float between mediums, styles and expressions is for Martien the mere essence of one’s creativity.

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