About Martien Wurms


Martien Wurms (1944) is a Dutch artist with a background from the esteemed Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Alongside his studying years Martien had an elite sports carrier at a national level while having 2 sons with his first wife.

After his studying years where Martien mainly focused on drawing and painting he moved his artistic focus towards installation art and interior design.

This changed focus merged with the opening of Wurms’ own restaurants in Amsterdam and The Hague which quickly caught the attention and popularity of the music- and creative scene of the city, due to its artistic flare.

After some years of merging art and culinary experiences Martien was divorced which led him to sell his restaurants and began a journey throughout Europe. During his travel through numerous European countries Martien’s main passion for painting resurfaced.

Martiens traveling ended in Israel where he met his Danish future wife to be with whom he moved back to Denmark and had another 3 sons.

In Denmark Martien worked in décor in menswear alongside his personal art creation throughout the years, which allowed him to keep an artistic focus until his retirement around the late nineties.

Martien Wurms is Currently living in Roedovre, Denmark where he creates and often exhibits his art. Here he has won the city’s “artist of the year award” 3 years in a row (3. year disguised under his son’s name since they award rules wouldn’t allow him to win for the 3. Consecutive year).

In Roedovre Martien have had popular exhibitions in both Viften Arthouse, Roedovre Centrum and Rottunden.

Martien Wurms is mainly acknowledged as a painter but his creative instinct appears at times in other forms as for example sculptures and installations art, sometimes even combined into his paintings.

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